The Wall, the Con Man
February 15, 2017


Before we look at the scam itself, I think it's important to identify the two main players in this big con. The mark would be the entire citizenry of the United States of America who pay taxes to the government. The con man would be, who else, other than the wizard of Trump land, Donald Trump himself.

There are a few things you need to know about a really good con: 1) a timely set up, 2) a sure fire blow off, 3) a message or some kind of promise, 4) a shutout and finally 5) the hook. Now that you know the players in this real life con job, let us begin.

The setup would be the Republican primaries. The message would be the fairytale Trump gave all of us about building a wall between Mexico and the U.S. southern border and, of course, having Mexico pay for it. Who could ever forget his rallies with his declaration that he was going to build a wall and when asked who's going to pay for it, his supporters screaming Mexico?

Now to the shutout. Which would be the telephone calls and meetings between Trump and Mexico's president. The American public left in the dark as to what was really said, leaving us forced to rely on Trump to let us know what was actually said. Well folks, by now, we all must admit that Trump is a pathological liar who doesn't know the truth from fiction. There's your shutout.

Finally, we hear from the president of Mexico that he in fact told Trump to stick it where the sun don't shine and, by the by, Mexico is not and will never pay for this damn wall. There's the blow off.

Now, the hook. Trump sitting there with egg on his face lets it be known that his intention is to go ahead and build the wall now, using taxpayer's money to finance the design and construction of this $15 billion wall - which would be paid for by a 20 percent tariff on all goods and products imported from Mexico to the United States.

So, simply put, the U.S. taxpayer will pay upfront for the wall, and then pay for it again in higher prices at cash registers at their local shopping place (i.e. avocados for $9 each). We would end up paying twice for a wall that will not keep out any undesirables anyway. All of this to lend cover to Trump for his lies he made to get himself elected.

To hell with the hard-working taxpayer, this guy doesn't give a damn. Don't believe me? Name one thing he has done for the working class in the past three weeks since getting elected. So far, it's all for the billionaires and bolstering his own ego.

In closing, let me list a few of his other cons he has pulled on us, all of which his supporters bought hook, line and sinker:

- Going back a few years - the birther con, which he later said himself was a falsehood.

- He said he would show his tax returns when the IRS finished their review. Seen anything yet? No, and I can assure you that you will not in the future.

- He vowed to resolve the very serious issue about "conflicts of interest." To date, only lawsuits against him. They will keep coming in the future as we move forward.

- At one of his ego-stroking victory rallies he set us up nicely with his con to unite the country. Seen the TV lately? What do you see? Nothing but chaos and despair. Not a word about uniting, only tearing apart of our great nation.

- At another victory rally his con was to strengthen foreign relations. This one is a real joke. Except for his buddies in Russia, he has poked his finger into our allies eyes on a daily basis.

All I can say is, what a great con job it was Trump. Like W.C. Fields once said, "There's a sucker born every day."

To those of you that bought all of his B.S. and voted for him I say, he's all yours. Hopefully you are man or woman enough to take full responsibility for all of his actions in the future. Be careful of what you wish for.

Jim Healy

North Fort Myers


Regular Size Lehigh Acres Citizen