Select residential roads to be resurfaced
June 13, 2018


As early as next month, residents of Lehigh Acres will start to see some resurfacing done on select residential roads.

In a 5-0 vote last week, the Lee Board of County Commissioners approved a plan to spend $5 million to resurface roads in an effort to continue to improve their condition.

"Including the major four-laning project of Homestead Road, this year's total spending for Lehigh road improvements is by far the largest expenditure in that area since Lee Boulevard was widened two decades ago," Commissioner Frank Mann, whose District 5 includes Lehigh Acres, said in a prepared statement.

More than 60 miles of roadway will be resurfaced on more than 300 different streets. The roads are selected and ranked for resurfacing based on resident requests, road conditions, as well as the number of residences on that road.

Some of the roads include Polar Avenue, Robert Avenue; Mercedes Court; Quintero Lane; Tunney Street; Latham Drive; Hershey Avenue; Jessica Street; Gilbert Avenue North; Dogwood Avenue North; Dickens Avenue North; Anza Avenue and Westboro Loop.

According to Lee County Government Communications Specialist Tim Engstrom the contract for this phase of work is still going through the procurement process. Work is expected to begin in July. He also stated that the contractor, who determines the order of the work, typically has one or two crews working at a time.

Approximately 1,500 miles of paved roads are maintained by the Lee County Department of Transportation in Lehigh Acres.

Lee County has spent approximately $5 million annually on Lehigh roads beginning in 2016, which is up from about $1 million annually. The paving is paid in part through gas tax revenues, which is for neighborhood streets.


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