Lehigh Acres homeowner receives life-changing gift of needed roof repairs
July 11, 2018


Lee BIA Builders Care and Frank's Roofing & Spraying provided an unforgettable surprise to a Lehigh Acres resident whose home was in need of extensive roof repairs.

The two entities came together on July 6 to replace the failing roof at no cost to homeowner Beryl Jacobs, who has lived in the home for 14 years.

According to Frank's Roofing & Spraying owners Charles Dampier and Amie Dampier, Christi Pritchett from Lee BIA Builders Care reached out to them and explained Jacobs' circumstances.

"We had no hesitation and were glad to be able to help Ms. Jacobs. With her health circumstances and a trach, she could not afford to live in a home with water damage and mold. Everyone here today is donating their time," Amie Dampier said.

Jacobs, 85, is originally from Jamaica.

She practiced nursing in London for many years before she retired to Fort Myers.

She underwent a tracheostomy in 2013 and now has a permanent tracheal tube and other health complications, including heart disease, spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia.

Lee BIA Builders Care partners, who help provide emergency construction services at no cost to those in need, found Jacobs was not only unable to afford a new roof or repairs, but was having difficulties paying for necessities as well.

"After Lee BIA Builders Care called us, we immediately sent our inspector out to look at the roof. Once he came inside, he saw buckets around the house filled with water from the leaking roof," said Dampier.

The next step required the estimator to come out to check the severity of the damages.

"The roof was in bad condition and had to be completely ripped up and replaced. We found a lot of water damage. Normally a job of the scale would cost $16,500 for just the roofing and labor," said Frank's Roofing estimator Chris Cooper.

Lee BIA Builders Care partners and volunteers showed up at Jacobs home at 8:30 a.m. to surprise her with the news that her failing roof would be replaced at no cost, thanks to Frank's Roofing & Spraying, which donated its equipment and services.

According to Frank's Roofing General Manager, Leslie Hellard, who was overseeing the project, a new roofing job on average can take up to three weeks to complete due to a back log for Lee County inspections.

"Since Hurricane Irma hit, many people are waiting a couple of weeks just to have an inspector come out. We were able to do this in one day due to the help of Lee County Inspector Tracy Samuels who came out immediately to inspect the roof. We are very grateful," said Dampier.

In total there were 18 workers plus managers who donated their time to finish the project.

Amie Dampier also credits Owen Corning and Suncoast Roofing Supply for donating the necessary materials needed to complete the new roof.

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