A Vote for Ron DeSantis is a Vote for Florida
October 31, 2018


To the editor:

The race for Florida's next Governor is between pro-business Ron DeSantis and anti-business Andrew Gillum, and as a small business owner, the choice is clear.

Ron DeSantis' support for small business and our economy make him the best choice to maintain our positive business climate. He plans to phase out the business rent tax, oppose tax increases, reduce lawsuit abuse, cut regulations, and review all fees levied by the state.

Andrew Gillum on the other hand is a business owner's worst nightmare. He's already promised to raise corporate taxes by a billion dollars a year. Think he'll stop at a billion? I don't.

Do you like our economy, free enterprise, and your small business? Then vote for Ron DeSantis.

Like tax increases, state debt, and government overreach? Then vote for Andrew Gillum.

Thomas Hendry

Lehigh Acres


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