Who are the real racists?
August 7, 2019


To the editor:

Recently, Trump has called out the "Squad" and Congressman Cummings of Maryland. Trump called the Squad out for their (anti-Jewish) comments and socialism. He suggested that the Squad should love this country or leave it. He suggested that Cummings had done nothing to help Baltimore rid itself of crime, rats and trash.

The "Squad" are four women, several of whom are Muslim that are openly anti-Jewish. One of them expressed admiration for al Qaida for destroying the World Trade Centers. They also expressed outrageous socialistic ideas with government paying for health care, education, guaranteed pay, and who knows what else. Historically, that is how totalitarianism starts. Venezuela gave away free health care, education and gasoline to obtain the votes and power which led to a dictatorship. Now 3 million have left Venezuela because they are starving and have no medical care.

Trump apparently felt Cummings reneged on an agreement they had in the Oval Office. Cummings also chairs a committee trying to impeach the President.

Of course the Democrats and Fake News used the race card to change the subject.

Is Trump racist? In fact, Trump forced the association at Mar-a Largo to change their anti-Semitic and anti-black rules when he bought property there. His Apprentice was well represented by different races. His improved economy has been extremely good for the black community in jobs. He has fostered a criminal reform bill that again benefits the black community. He has many friends in the black community.

A racist sees race in every issue and that describes the Democratic Party? They were pro-slavery until the Civil War. After that the Democratic south instituted segregation and passed laws limiting freedom, voting rights and education for minorities. In 1965, the Democrats voted against the Civil Rights bill.

The War on Poverty gave the Democrats a wedge. President Johnson tried to solve inner city problems by throwing money at it. Votes followed the money. Note there was not enough money for the War on Poverty so President Johnson tapped into the Social Security bank. Are inner city residents better off? Not by a long shot! And we have an empty Social Security bank. But the Democrats captured the vote.

Today, most big cities are run by Democrats and minorities there suffer poor education, poverty, lack of jobs and abundant crime. The Republicans have been driven away by those using the race card.

Obama had the best opportunity ever of calming the divide between the races but his myopic view left the country more divided than when he took office.

Keep in mind, anyone shouting racism very likely is a racist. Those who are white and Republican beware: Justified criticism is not allowed.'

John Benedict

Cape Coral


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