Stand your ground
September 18, 2019


To the editor:

On Aug, 21st, the Lee County Commissioners approved the Troyer Brothers Lime Rock Mine. I ask those who have standing to appeal the actions taken on that date. Sept. 20, 2019 is the last day to file an appeal.

Those who have the most to lose have standing. All residents who will be affected by lower property values, lower quality of life and contamination of our ground water should file an appeal.

Maybe more is needed to expose the use and abuse of the ex parte communication law to gag the public.

The extraordinary efforts made to get the Troyer Brother Mine approved, one way or another cannot go unchallenged. Everything was well orchestrated by the county manager, county attorneys and the involved commissioners to cater to the mining applicant and discourage the residents to stand their ground.

A forensic investigation is required.

The hole they want to dig is deep and wide, however their methods appear questionable and go deeper to fill the diggers' pockets with wealth at our expense.

Residents, stand your ground. It is your home and your water.

Do not let these decisions go unchallenged.

Kathy Dobash

Lehigh Acres


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