An impeachable offense
November 20, 2019


To the editor:

It was just learned that Iran has a hidden place inside a mountain not declared in the Obama treaty that is processing uranium. Their increased stockpiles of nuclear material and increased centrifuges prove that Trump was right in dubbing this treaty as faulty and one-sided.

Obama was intent upon signing a treaty regardless of how good it was. He used every tool possible including some very egregious lies in the process. The Iran Treaty was a lie according to New York Times Column Bret Stephens May 1, 2018. Finally when he signed the treaty, he did not submit it to Congress as a president must to make it legal. So Obama was solely responsible for the results.

Included in the treaty was the release of $150 billion of sanction money that was used for years by several presidents to provide leverage for Iran to give up their nuclear bomb production and to stop being the No. 1 supporter of terrorists groups in the world. Iran was in a difficult financial position because of the sanctions and may have been on the road to revolution.

Obama saved the day for Iran and did not submit the treaty to Congress for a very good reason. This treaty would have been voted down by Republicans and Democrats who knew it was a one-sided treaty. Inconceivably, the return of four Americans who were arrested by Iran for contrived political reasons was not included.

The release of over $150 billion to Iran enabled Iran to step up their terrorists support activities and bailed out the leadership of Iran by opening up the market place for Iran to recover and fund their nuclear research and development. Iran has continued after the treaty to fund terrorists and create war in Iraq, Syria and attacks on Israel. They have even attacked ships belonging to those who signed the treaty.

In summary, the president returned over $150 billion to a terrorist's Muslim nation without permission from Congress and lied to Congress and the American people.

This certainly qualifies as an impeachable offense because of aid to an enemy; lying to and bypassing Congress. Democrats and fake news, this is an example of a true reason to be impeached. Has any president's illegal action ever had such a catastrophic impact?

John A. Benedict

Cape Coral


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