Lehigh Regional and LifeLink donor program help save lives
June 24, 2020


Lehigh Regional Medical Center and its long-time partnership with LifeLink Florida led to another positive outcome for its donor recipients -- four lives saved.

According to Ashley Moore, a representative from LifeLink of Florida, LifeLink works in partnership with local hospitals like Lehigh Medical Center to facilitate the donation process.

"In 2019 Lehigh Medical Center had two organ donors resulting in four lives saved through organ donation. In addition, three organs that were not able to be transplanted were provided for medical research, which leaves an additional legacy with immeasurable impact on the future of patients with conditions which result in organ failure, or other devastating illnesses," Moore said. "LifeLink is proud of the strong partnership with Lehigh Regional Medical Center as well as their commitment to supporting organ and tissue donation to help save lives."

Dayna Flores, RN, manager of Quality at Lehigh Regional Medical Center, also credits the quick thinking and training of the hospital's staff.

"When a patient presents a Glasgow Coma Scale of five or less, they are at risk for brain death or close to end of life. It's imperative that we notify LifeLink within one hour of that time. They will call and look into that case further," Flores said. "That one hour time is very important to be able to save the organs, so it's important for the staff to recognize those signs. In our most recent case, our night shift RN Julie Tanner, was able to recognize those signs and get LifeLink here at the right time. LifeLink speaks to the family and then it's up to the family to make that decision."

Lehigh Regional Medical Center has received the platinum award from LifeLink for the past three years because of the education of its staff and the community in regards organ and tissue donations.

"It's an extremely honorable thing for someone to donate their organs. We hold a Flag Raising Ceremony in honor of the donor family and the recipient. The hospital flag is raised for three days and the family, hospital staff and LifeLink are invited to come for the ceremony," Flores said. We also recently implemented our Donor Walk. When the donor is being wheeled in for the procedure, staff is there to give their respects to that patient and their family."

According to Moore at LifeLink, currently in the United States there are 110,000 people waiting for a life-saving transplant; 5,400 of those individuals live in the state of Florida. One donor has the potential to save eight lives through organ donation and enhance up to 75 lives through tissue donation.

People can register their decision to become a life-saving organ and tissue donor at

"Donating organs and tissue is a very selfless act. You're giving someone else a chance at a better quality of life. Each donor can save 30 or more people with their organ and tissue donation. You can register with your state to become an organ donor. Indicate that you are an organ donator on your driver's license. Sign a donor card and carry it with you," Jackie Arsenault Lehigh Regional Business Development/Marketing said.

Lehigh Regional Medical Center is at 1500 Lee Blvd., Lehigh Acres.


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